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Customer Feedback

Most efficient service would certainly use you again and recommend you to anyone else
Mr. I.G. [07/12/11]
Unit repaired: iPhone

This service is superb, thank you.
Mr. J.H. [06/12/11]
Unit repaired: iPhone

very good service would use you again
Mr. B.M. [09/02/11]
Unit repaired: iPhone

You've now fixed quite a few of our iphones, which have had various issues. We have been extremely happy with both the quality of the repairs and the speed at which you've repaired them. Many thanks.
Mr. A.M. [24/04/12]
Unit repaired: iPhone

Excellent service. It was so quick and effortless and i didn't have time to miss my phone. The live chat facility really helped.
Mr. J.L. [28/11/12]
Unit repaired: iPhone

very helpful and made time to listen when i didnt quite understand the payment system . well done guys.
Mrs. S. F [22/11/12]
Unit repaired: iPhone

very happy with the service
Ms. N.P. [18/01/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Excellent service and a fair price. Got me out of a hole so thank you very much
Mr. S.G. [18/01/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

excellent service would use again and would recommend to friends
Mr. R.L. [13/01/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

So far, so good - phone now operating correctly. Whole process was very efficient and communication first rate. Very positive experience.
Mr. D.W. [13/01/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Overall the service was excellent. the process from initiating contact, monitoring progress, delivery and the quality of the repair was first class.
Mr. A.G. [24/12/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Excellent service well recomended, alot better than the repair centre we tried first. 10 out of 10
Mr. A.B. [21/12/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

realy pleased with the feedback on the progress of the repair to the mobile phone
Mr. J.P. [12/12/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

This is my third repair with you guys and I have always been happy with the service and would use it again and would recommend it to other people. Thanks very much
Mr H.J. [06/12/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

This is the second time I have used this service and I have been very satisfied with the speed of the repair on both occasions
Mr. B.L. [26/01/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Excellent and 1st class service, will use you agaian definitely and recommend you strongly. Well Done
Mr. S.P. [11/01/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

One unit fixed and the other supposedly fixed but refund offered with no fuss.
Mr. N.O. [10/01/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

The repair was qucik and am enjoying my phone now!thanks
Mr. T.S.H [10/01/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Keep doing what you are doing excellent service and comms Thank you
Mr. N.H. [23/12/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Was efficient, quick and was able to follow the status of my blackberry.
Mr. J.W. [21/12/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Great, easy to use site and great customer communications. excellent!
Mr. S.S. [21/12/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

very quick , nice infomation came through , and speedy delivery
Mr. S.E. [14/01/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

your communication with me via email throughout the whole process was excellent, and so I was happy that I felt as if I knew what was going on the whole time.
Mr. S.C. [08/02/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

You guys were really quick. I've never had such efficient service from ANYONE before. Please, use that as a testimonial if you want (you can use my name). I'm REALLY impressed ;)
Mr. M.Q. [18/02/11]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Excellent serive, 'The Carphone Warehouse' had quoted me 170 and you fixed it for 70! Thank you.
Ms. M.B. [11/02/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Great service! So much so that i have sent you my IPod for repair now as well. Thanks Peter
Mr. P.E. [10/02/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Superb service will use you again
Mr J.S. [23/03/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Very efficient and prompt service
Mr. A.R. [21/03/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

the service and e mail updates are excellent,have recommended you to all my friends/contacts.
Mr. S.P. [21/03/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Excellent service already
Mr S.E. [08/03/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

A thoroughly excellent service which I wouldn't be able to fault.
Mr. D.P. [28/02/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

How on earth could you improve the service? You exceeded all my expectations. Many many thanks.
Ms. J.R. [24/02/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Excellent service. Thank you for your hard work.
Mr. M.L. [24/04/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

This is a spare phone taken over from my son with which I am not yet very familiar. The repair seems satisfactory and I am assuming ok. I am very satisfied and impressed with the service.I had no need to track the item which was delivered the following morning. I can recommend the service with confidence to those in need of a repair to their phone. Regards DGC.
DGC [27/04/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Excellent service, really quick. Just felt aggrieved at having to pay to get the phoneme repaired after only using it for 2 months, but that's orange & blackberry's fault, not yours.
Mrs M.B. [22/04/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Very good service, allways kept well informed about the repairs being carried out.
Mr. M.T. [20/04/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

great service thanks!
Ms J.L. [20/04/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Very happy with the repair to my daughters blackberry bold all working perfectly would use again .
Miss N.L. [31/03/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

The service, communication & price were excellent I would recommend the company for repairs. My phone was insured but they tried to rip me off, wanting to charge me an excess of 100!
Mr. D.G, [28/03/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

As it turned out the phone was beyond economic repair. However, the service was still very efficient. Will keep contact details if ever have a phone issue again.
Mr. P.J. [28/03/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Everything was clear and very efficient. Thank you :-)
Mr J. R. [05/12/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

You were not able to repair my phone hence my response to the repair quality. However, I was content with the service I received and consider it good value to have attempted the repair rather than just disgarding the phone without trying to repair.
Mr. I.L. [04/12/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

Excellent service and although it is never cheap getting these things repaired it was considerabley cheaper than the 125 we were quoted at Carphonewarehouse. Glad I found you on google.
Mrs. C.G. [04/12/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

excellent service.
Mr. P.C. [28/11/12]
Unit repaired: Mobile Phone

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