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Headphone Socket Apple iPhone

iPhone Headphone Socket

Do you use your iPhone to listen to music all the time?

Did you know that on average the iPhone headphone is plugged in out 7 times a day thats over 2,200 times a year!

Depending on how you frequently you use your iPhone headphones and how much pressure you use to insert and remove the jack it can be quite easy to damage your headphone jack. Some of the common symptoms are no sound coming from the headphone, or only sound from the right side. There are other sound related problems that can be due to a faulty iPhone headphone socket, but don't worry we can repair them all for you.

Replacement Headphone Socket Assembly

What this repair actually includes is a replacement headphone socket assembly which should remedy any iPhone headphone sound problems. One of our skilled engineers will strip down your iPhone to gain access to the headphone jack flex ribbon assembly and replace it for brand new genuine Apple part.

Once we have fitted the new part we test it to make sure its working and then we send it back. Simples!!

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We have developed a full tracking system for your repairs. Once you log in you can see the status of your unit, and also any other units you may have sent us in the past. You will also be able to pay for your repair once it is completed. LOGIN


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