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Typical Problems
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Home Button Problems Apple iPhone

Home Button problems If your Home Button is not working there could be a number of reasons for this;
  • Physical problem or blockage
    It is possible that there is some physical issue stopping the Home Button from making a proper connection. Dust etc can get into the connection port at the bottom of the iPhone and can cause issues. You can try to resolve this by taking a clean toothbrush and brushing softly around the button. Canned air or blowing into this port can also be useful. You may not be able to fix this on your own, if you're having problems then send it in to us to repair

  • Liquid damage
    If you got water anywhere on your iPhone it can cause real problems. If you think that water could be the issue you can try to dry it out. This can usually be done by just putting it in a warm and dry place and leaving it for quite a while. However, even if you dry it, over time corrosion can build up and you would probably need to send it to us for liquid damage treatment.

  • Software issue
    Many people donīt know you can reboot an iPhone. Simply press the Home Button and then the Top Button together for about 3 seconds. This can sometimes resolve software issues. If all else fails try a full factory reset via iTunes but be prepared - you will loose all the data on the phone including music, pictures, videos, contacts, emails and SMS messages. You will need to resync afterwards to get them all back.

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