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Liquid Damage Apple iPhone

iPhone Water Damage Water damage is extremely common on all mobile phones, and the iPhone is no exception. In this day and age people seem to expect everything to be waterproof but unfortunately electronics and water DO NOT MIX!

People often think that placing the phone in a bowl of rice and leaving it on the radiator works – we can tell you for sure that it doesn’t. The phone will often start working again, either fully or partially after a few days BUT…. this isn’t the end of the story. Once the water gets onto the circuitry corrosion begins, especially if the liquid got under any of the chips on the motherboard – there will be problems ahead. This is what our Water Damage treatment service is all about.

Ultrasonic cleaning

We open up the iPhone or iPad and we thoroughly clean it will special fluid (that doesn’t corrode) and cleans away any water. This fluid is electronics safe which means that it doesn’t conduct electricity like water does. Then we’ll dry the entire phone fully whilst it’s in pieces – we pay special attention to ensure that any gaps under the chips on the board are fully dry.

If any components have got damaged due to the water damage we’ll attempted to repair or replace them – this can be a time consuming and difficult process – sometimes this means we need to charge more for component level repairs, but you’ll always be asked to confirm before if we need to spend longer on your repair than originally estimated.

After the repair we’ll conduct a thorough test of all the functions on the iPad or iPhone – LCD screen display, touchscreen, signal strength, Wifi, Bluetooth, speaker, microphone, ringer, charging, vibrating etc. If we’re happy then and only then will we release your unit back. If some functions have returned and some not, we’ll get in touch and let you know the situation and make a decision about what to do next.

Success rate for Water Damage

So – the million dollar question – what’s the chance we can fully repair your Apple device – we are proud to say we have a 70% success rate with water damage repairs. This means for 100 units sent to us, we were able to repair 70, and 30 did not regain full functionality after the process. This is unfortunate but unavoidable – sometimes the liquid may have damaged components that are glued to the motherboard and in these cases we cannot repair. In other cases the unit may be repairable, but it’s uneconomical once we calculate the price of all the parts needed and the time to fit them all – it would be cheaper to buy a 2nd hand unit instead – in these case we’ll let you know the unit isn’t worth repairing and give you a choice about what to do next.

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